Resonance Project Highlights



  • January Resonance Project is invited by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs in Vietnam to represent Australia at the My Dinh National Stadium and headlines the “Welcome Vietnam” event, an event culminating in band performances from several nations to depict friendship across the world. The event is based on the back of the South East Asian Economics Conference being held in Vietnam for the first time with delegates from approximately 60 nations in attendance. The show was played to a live crowd of 15,000 people and aired live via VTV1 to a viewing audience of 6 million people across Asia. Resonance Project received a standing response and ovation. Proceeds from the event went to the Orange Children’s Foundation.
  • March Donna is interviewed and Resonance Project featured on
  • April Graham’s instrumental “Impressive Hair” (also played during the Resonance Project live shows) wins 1st place in the category of ‘Rock Instrumental’ on – A US based fan website.
  • May Resonance Project is Featured Artist on United Rock Kingdom – US based rock internet radio station.
  • July Greenehouse Productions presents the Inaugural “Guitar Gods Behaving Badly” event (see where Resonance Project perform three of their recent and new tracks to an appreciative crowd amidst the Graham Greene instrumental headline performance.
  • August Graham (the first Australian Mesa/Boogie endorsee to be presented on the US Mesa/Boogie website) MC’s the Music Park “Boogie Nights in Manhattan” Mesa/Boogie Clinic and performs. This is an Australian first for Mesa/Boogie in Australia.
  • August/September Resonance Project songs and Graham Greene instrumentals are both a “Featured Artist” on US based website My Stage Music for the genre of ‘Metal’ and ‘Rock’ respectively. Resonance Project boasts “Six” of the Top 10 Most Played Tracks and 2 of the Most Viewed Videos for the past 4 months consecutively (July, August, September, October).
  • October Graham Greene wins "Best Rock Instrumental Artist" at the Star Music Awards, Hollywood, US.
  • November Headlined Guitar Gods II (AU) Show
  • December Graham interviewed on Hard Rock Radio Live with DJ Speedking





  • The band triumphs again in January as Featured Artist for the Metal Category on MyStage Music bringing the count to six consecutive months at top spot. (in US)
  • Donna and Graham interviewed by Hollye Hades on United Rock Kingdom (US)
  • Featured Artist on Global Thunda Network (AU)


  • Performs at Guitar Gods III "The Three Kings" show with John Meyer and Jamie Page.


  • Graham and Donna perform with John Meyer and Jamie Page in a Guitar Gods set at the Music Industry Reunion Concert held at Metropolis Concert Club Perth.





  • Towards the end 2009 through 2010 took a hiatus from Resonance Project for Graham to co-write the AOR CD "ICARUS" with Jac Dalton and Darren Mullan. See more on the Jac Dalton website.
  • Resonance Project receives acknowlegement from Andrew Haug (AU) in January 2010.



  • In June 2011,  MyStage Music (US) gives praise and recognition: 
    "In recognition of exceptional composition and performance", Resonance Project songs, "Fire In Your Liberty" and "Resonance ~ Spirit Of Man" are featured in the MyStage Music Showcase.

    The showcase still stands today.



  • Jac Dalton Band - Graham Greene/Resonance Project and Lady Zeppelin band members unite to spend the year promoting the Icarus project. See more on the Jac Dalton website.



  • Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Tale Goes On Single and EP
  • Released Tale Goes On Single on 9 December 2013
  • Tale Goes On is receiving Airplay in Australia, UK and US.



  •  Released Tale Goes On EP 6 January 2014
  • "Tale Goes On" included on the "Defeat Is Not An Option" CD for the Rock For MS project; raising funds and awareness for people living with MS. November 2014
  • Track10



Recording has begun for a new already titled EP to be released in 2015 which will include some reworked previously unreleased tracks as well as some new music.


Comments from the founders of Stop Child Executions regarding Resonance ~ Spirit Of Man.

"I just heard Donna's beautiful song [Resonance ~ Spirit of Man], Wow they are so incredibly talented. Reading the lyrics gave me serious goose bumps." 
- Nazanin Afshin-Jam (Nazanin Afshin-Jam on Wikipedia)

"You two compliment each other so well, Donna's beautiful voice and Graham's talent! I have always enjoyed your music......great timing and amazing.... thank you for all that you had done."
- David Etebari
 SCE Co-Founder

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