Listening to Resonance Project’s captivating releaseTale Goes On, I’m reminded once again that I am a total sucker for great vocals. Here, shining bright on every track, is Donna Greene’s strikingly beautiful voice: strong and rich with a husky, earthy tone that warms you right to the bone. Add Graham Greene’s unique brand of guitar wizardry (yes, they are married), and you have an album that can definitely put a spell on you.  Read more

Maria Haskins - Real Rock and Roll - TALE GOES ON - EP review
28 Nov, 2014

This is a great release. If Melodic Rock is what you crave - this is world class, bursting with melody, emotion, wonderful musicianship and both crisp and clinical in execution. It’s music that can take you places and after all what else is music supposed to do? Read more

Mark Diggins - The Rockpit - TALE GOES ON - EP review
22 Jan, 2014

100% ROCK MAG were lucky enough to have an early listen to the great new lead single from Perth, Western Australia’s RESONANCE PROJECT’s forthcoming EP, and it is definitely on the HOT LIST for 2013 for fans of guitar and keyboard-drenched epic and anthemic hard rock.

Featuring by-now-expected tour-de-force performances from husband and wife team Graham and Donna Greene on guitar and vocals respectively, Tale Goes On is uplifting and inspiring, and stands tall alongside anything Heart or a thousand of their imitators have released.  Read more

100% Rock Magazine - Tale Goes On - Single review
24 Dec, 2013

I've said this many times Perth has been the breeding ground for some of Australia's best upcoming heavy rock/ metal bands for some years now. This band could well join that list soon enough, good work! For fans of melodic hard rock/ metal! Hornz - Haugy \m/\m/

Andrew Haug - Australian Rock & Metal on the track 'Resonance ~Spirit Of Man'. 4/5.
30 Jan, 2010

Occasionally you come across an album that is difficult to quantify. Such is the case with the Resonance Project's Spirit of Man. This collaboration sounds like a soaring, atmospheric-rock side project of Jefferson Airplane. Not to say the sound is dated by any means, rather pointing to the vocal styling; which is at the heart of the record, and reminiscent of Grace Slick's early work. "Eternity" begins as a mellow, Mojave-3/Zero-7 type of work. The music escalates into cascading guitar rifts and gorgeous, dreamy vocals. "Fire in Your Liberty" continues the journey, adding edgier strings and an incremental, catchy chorus (more rock-like than the first cut). "Home" feels like the musical peak of the album. The lead vocals joined by back-ups and an extended guitar solo. The title cut, "Resonance" strikes a more aggressive tone. The overall sound is more akin to a Heart track, as it builds the vocals widen and tower over the music. The artists on the Resonance Project sequenced the record perfectly. The tracks play as a continuous sonic story-board, with their sheer musical talent as the narrator. Perhaps phrases like progressive rock suit this album, but classifying it only detracts from the message.

CD "Resonance ~ Spirit of Man" Review [Earbuzz UK]
29 April 2008 

We enjoy being flippant, irreverent, humorous, and nonchalant, but there ARE moments in which some things should be taken seriously. Donna's skills as a Vocalist are truly evident in how she evokes the spirit of the song in her performance. I believe every word she says and found myself drawn into the plight of those to whom this video is aimed at helping. Graham and the Band do a tremendous job of laying down a foundation that fully supports the message. I felt the emotion of the entire Band, and that's the mark of superb musicianship. As moving as it is rocking, this video is poignant, entertaining, and informative. It's got it all folks. Resonance (Spirit of Man) is more than just a music video. It's a multi media experience that reminds us that rock can be fun, but can also serve a very powerful purpose in the fight against injustice/

- Omar. 
Metal Monthly Video Review - "Resonance ~ Spirit of Man

31 March 2008

PERTH Maestro Graham Greene has collaborated with his wife Donna to deliver Resonance, Donna's first solo release. The CD is pure, unadulterated classic rock with Donna's huge vocals offering a haunting presence throughout. what's more, Resonance is a dedication to a little-known cause on Australian shores. Graham and Donna are active campaigners helping bring awarenes to child executions, particularly in Iran. Two tracks from Resonance, "Home" and "Fire in Your Liberty" have featured on websites dedicated to the cause, and the title track is dedicated to everyone else working on the cause. For our, Graham's impeccable playing is the hightlight of Resonance, where it's classic power rock or ballads showcasing a more tender side of Graham's prowess. Anyone outside of Perth who is keen for a copy will need to hit

Richie Young.
Australian Guitar Magazine (pg. 97) - 10th Anniversary Edition 

"Making its debut at the recent Guitar Heroes:Guitar Fest was the first 'solo' CD from Donna Greene, titled Resonance (Spirit Of Man) - a collection of five songs (co-written with partner & renowned guitarist Graham Greene).  Mastered and duplicated here at Procopy, this is a truly great album... a breath of fresh air."

Mark Whitehouse
February 2008

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