From business cards, printable posters & banners, web ad graphics, promotional videos, responsive websites to social networking options, we have you covered!

We’ve been helping businesses to optimize their reach with our promotional package options since 2001.  Talk to us about:

    • your vision and tailoring your promotional package
    • giving your business a new lease of life
    • beginning a new project with everything you need for a successful campaign
    • or lifting your online presence

We are your exclusive and local multimedia artists and social network assistants.

It’s a given that you will have social media in today’s universe.

Have a new promotion coming up?  Outsource to us.  We’ll save you time.
No matter the business you’re in, why not invite us to join your social networking campaign and extend your reach?    🙂  We’ll can help to lift your online presence and get your business or promotion circulating through high traffic social networking platforms and in front of thousands of potential new clients and customers.  Let Greenehouse Productions be your extra lighthouse.  Talk to us.

Are you new to social media?   Is your business connected?
If you need assistance to set up and connect your business to the world of social networking and absolutely broaden your reach, we’re here to help!
We can help to set up a personalized system so you can run your social media and seek to connect with new people as you broaden your network.
If building a website with us too, we will obviously incorporate your social media accounts into your site.  You want the traffic to your site to help to build your online presence and ranking.   We have additional strategies to help you to succeed in the world of social media.